NEXT  Capital Campaign & Facility Remodel

Welcome to the NEXT Capital Campaign & Facility Remodel headquarters! Learn the various ways to make pledge payments, and get answers to your Campaign FAQs.

 Construction Corner

Greetings Holy Trinity!

Here’s the weekly NEXT Facility Project update! Stay tuned to this spot for the latest information.
  1. Progress Update: NEXT Facility Team meetings continue to happen regarding various project-related tasks. During construction, we are arranging for a temporary ADA-compliant, weatherproof ramp to provide handicap accessibility to Door 4 while access to Doors 1 & 2 is unavailable. We have a temporary room usage plan during construction, and Jamie Bisek has been communicating with various groups about room usage. Meanwhile, Donna Galvin has been working her tail off getting the kitchen ready. We’re getting excited!
  2. Trinity Treasures – Now open!: We are clearing things out in preparation for construction. As we go through various items, we are putting them in a room in the South Wing, titled “Trinity Treasures.” All items in this room are fair game to take home (but please do not put them back into the church). There will be a free-will offering jar in the room. Feel free to shop during office hours or before/after church on Sunday morning. Items will be updated periodically. On June 30, all items remaining in this room will be donated. *Please note that we are not accepting additional household donations.
  3. Volunteer Days: We look forward to key volunteer days to prepare for construction. Due to insurance-related matters, only those aged 18+ can help with pre-approved demo tasks. Those under 18 years old can move items from construction areas prior to demo. Mark your calendars for the days listed below: 
    • Thursday, June 13, 9 am – noon: Clean out CYF closets, and clean up from VBS. Kids can be particularly helpful on this day!
    • Monday, June 17, 9 am – 4 pm: Demo on “Paul’s Place” addition rooms, with pre-approved tasks related to moving furniture, carpet removal, etc. Kitchen clean-out also begins.
    • Sunday, June 23, 10 – 11 am: Move sanctuary chairs into the Fellowship Hall and nursery items into the South Wing.
    • Tuesday, June 25, 9 am – 4 pm: Demo on the Sanctuary, Fireside Room, Nursery, lobby, and kitchen, with pre-approved tasks related to moving remaining furniture, removing carpet, etc.
  4. Service of Gratitude: On June 23 at 9 am, all are welcome to a Service of Gratitude, the last worship service in the sanctuary before renovation. Did you know that when the church moved from the previous location to the current location, Tim Thorp carried the cross in the processional across town? On this day, we will have a formal processional as part of the service, and Tim has agreed to carry the cross again from the sanctuary to our temporary location of the Fellowship Hall. This will be a meaningful service. You won’t want to miss this!
And that’s another weekly update for the “Construction Corner.” Thank you for your continued support and prayers!
Pastor Ben
All pledges in support of the NEXT Capital Campaign and NEXT Facility Project are appreciated!
 Recommendations by the Holy Trinity accountant, campaign consultant, and 2023 Council Treasurer state any funds submitted before the financing is secured will not be returned if the project is canceled or postponed. While unlikely, should either happen, these funds will be held in a designated account to be used towards future capital improvement projects.
 In acceptance of the above terms, here are the various ways to make a gift.
Click the button to make an online donation.
Choose the bank account, the frequency, and the amount. Please consider selecting the option to cover online processing fees (varies from 1% – 3.5%).
In Person
Stop by the church office to deliver a check or cash on Mon-Thurs, 8:30 am-4:30 pm or Fri, 8:30 am-Noon. Office Manager Jamie Bisek can also help you set up automatic payments using Simply Giving.
If giving via check or cash, please write “NEXT” on the memo line of the check or on the envelope.
Mail checks to: Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
1300 Main Street E.,
New Prague, MN 56071
Please write “NEXT” on the memo line of the check.
Using Stocks
Click the button for the three-step process to donate stocks to Holy Trinity.
Donating stocks is a generous way to contribute to the NEXT Capital Campaign.
Feel free to reach out to Office Manager Jamie Bisek at 952.758.3513 or email for more information. 

Campaign FAQs

When is Holy Trinity ready to receive gifts?
Holy Trinity is prepared to receive gifts at any time. March 1, 2024, will begin the three-year pledge period.
How will the church know my gift is designated for the NEXT Capital Campaign?
If giving via check or cash, please write “NEXT” on the memo of a check or on an offering envelope. If giving electronically, please make sure to select the “NEXT Capital Campaign” giving option.
What if I would like to give stock?
Instructions on stock donations are available in the church office or click here for instructions.
Does the church need to know my intentions of when I plan to give?
Yes, to the best of your ability. If it’s unclear from your electronic giving set up, it aids the church if you could communicate your intentions to give weekly, monthly, annually, or in one sum.
I have flexibility. How can I give in a way that best benefits the church?
  • Any gifts given early will help reduce interest from construction financing.
  • If giving electronically, please consider selecting the option to cover processing fees.
What if I didn’t pledge yet but still want to?
Additional pledges received will go toward offsetting construction interest costs or pursuing additional aspects of the project as articulated in the comprehensive site plan.
How can I help if I can’t give financially at this time?
The church is one body, with many parts. We need each of us to see a successful project come to fruition. Encouragement, support, and prayer are vital ways to contribute in a non-financial way.

The Groundwork & Campaign Beginnings

 Learn about the groundwork that has been laid, the goals, and the NEXT Campaign leadership teams.
Don’t forget to click on the links to read more!
The Groundwork
Mid-2019 – September 2020 – The Church Council saw a need to develop a clarified vision and mission statement. Vision 2020 consisted of four phases: Looking Backward, Looking Inward, Looking Outward, and Looking Forward. The end result was Holy Trinity’s new Vision, Mission, and Values upon which every ministry decision would be based. 
August 2021 – Five Strategic Plan 2.0 teams focused on five areas of ministry – Welcome, Worship, Respond, Children, Youth & Family Ministry, and Facilities.  They met regularly to discern how to enact Holy Trinity’s Vision, Mission, and Values.
January – February 2022 – For more engagement with the congregation, a survey was taken by 198 members, followed by ten Listening Sessions to gather information.
April 3, 2022  – The Strategic Plan 2.0 Huddle introduced the 10 Next Steps – Recommendations of the Strategic Plan 2.0.
Read the One Year Later Report to catch up with the Strategic 2.0 teams.
Campaign Beginnings
November 13, 2022 – With Experts Leading the Charge, Holy Trinity voted to hire Station 19 Architects to draw comprehensive site plans to meet facility needs. Learn more about Station 19 Architects.
April 12, 2023 – Holy Trinity voted to proceed with a capital campaign and hire a general contractor to make the proposed facility project a reality. Read NEXT – For Those Who Aren’t Yet Here to learn how Holy Trinity prepared for ministry beyond 2023. 
Summer 2023 –  The NEXT Capital Campaign Lead Gifts Team hosted eleven gatherings in homes, which resulted in 48 Lead Gifts totaling $891,750.
The Goal Revised
September – November 2023 – The What’s NEXT Huddle kicked off the public phase of the NEXT Capital Campaign which introduced a $3.4 million Facility Project focusing solely on the sanctuary and lobby space. Follow up meetings gave members a A Closer Look at the design and details. The campaign wrapped up with 113 pledges totaling $1.13 million. 
December 2023 – The NEXT Facility Project Team  and Campaign Leadership Team discerned that the $3.4 million project was not feasible, so a revised version was presented at the Council Meeting on December 18 which encompassed all three facility areas (Kitchen, CYF, and Sanctuary/Lobby) for a cost of $2.136 million.
January 2024 – Further work was completed by the NEXT Facility Team, and a second revision, The Epiphany Plan, was introduced at $1.416 million and pledges began to come in. A third project plan revision was completed totaling $1,252,399. However, with pledges at $1,177,159, the Church Council recommended not proceeding until the pledge funds matched the project total. 
Bridging the $77,000 Gap – In one week, generous pledges came in to bridge the gap. God is so good!
January 28, 2024 – At the Annual Meeting, Holy Trinity members approved moving forward with the NEXT Capital Campaign to support the NEXT Facility Project with a 93% affirmative vote.
Meet the Teams
These volunteers have poured hundreds of hours into the Capital Campaign. Get to know the Campaign Leadership Team, the Lead Gifts Team, and the General Contractor Selection Team.