Strategic Plan 2.0

Five teams – Welcome, Worship, Respond, CYF (Children, Youth & Family) and Facilities devoted months to our Strategic Plan 2.0. After interpreting a congregational survey, and compiling feedback from 10 listening sessions, the Strategic Plan 2.0 Teams arrived at “10 Next Steps” unveiled at a congregational huddle on April 3, 2022. Read Holy Trinity’s “10 Next Steps” here.
Team work makes Holy Trinity’s vision work.
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The sense of community could be felt all throughout the building. The night featured guest speakers, a delicious meal, beautiful music, and a blessing for those who felt called to the mission of Holy Trinity. Thank you to the Strategic Plan 2.0 leaders & teams, Huddle volunteers, staff and especially Pastor Julie Josund for a great message.
Photo credit: Gina Fadden