A New Vision & Strategic Plan


At the end of 2014, Holy Trinity Lutheran voted to commission the services of Kairos & Associates and specifically, consultant Rev. Blair Anderson, to lead us through a strategic visioning process for our church. After multiple focus groups, individual interviews and hundreds of member responses to the Congregation Assessment Tool survey, administered by Holy Cow Consulting, the following are the 8 core initiatives that the members of our congregation determined were the most important to the current and future success of our church.

8 Strategic Initiatives Resulting from The Visioning Process

Click on each item below to find out more about accomplishments, goals and next steps for each initiative. Also, note the people who have dedicated their time to being stakeholders for each initiative.  These stakeholders have committed to making sure that the goals set forth by our congregation during the visioning process, are wholly implemented. If you happen to see them around church, thank them for their dedication and service!!