Today we pray for the school year…

We pray for the students within our midst, that they may have enriching, safe, and enlightening education opportunities this next year.

We pray in gratitude for the educators in our midst, that they may have the support, safety, and opportunity to fulfill their calling to provide meaningful learning experiences.

We pray for families faced with the challenges of this global pandemic, as they discern how to juggle schedules and demands.

We pray for the health of all those in the classroom, both their physical health amidst the threat of COVID-19, and their mental health as a result of this collective challenge.

We pray for partnerships of mutual appreciation between educators in the school, and educators in the home.

We pray that we may all be learners, growing in our awareness for how to be faithful to God, of service to the neighbor, and working for the common good of all creation.

We pray that we may never lose sight of Your presence, and Your guiding hand through whatever challenges come our way. Lead us forward with Your love, and in the Spirit of Your love.