Deuteronomy 16:17  Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the LORD your God which he has given you.
At Holy Trinity, we believe God calls us, as individuals and as a church, to be responsible stewards of the spiritual and material gifts God has given us. Giving can come in all shapes and sizes. We appreciate and encourage everyone to give, whether it is volunteering your time and talents, serving on our ministry teams or church council or supporting the good works of HTLC through your monetary donations to further God’s Kingdom. We give in response to God’s goodness towards us and our giving is a barometer of our relationship to God. God calls us to give proportionately to our income and the first-fruits to Him. Tithing is a spiritual discipline where we give away 10% of our wealth. We invite members to grow towards and beyond the biblical model of tithing. (1 Corinthians 16:1-2, 2 Corinthians 9:6-8).

Giving Paths

Annual pledged giving
Partner financially with HTLC by pledging to the Annual Budget. Make a pledge (a financial commitment) for one year that supports our mission, i.e. all of the general ministries and local and global outreach projects. By telling the church how much you intend to give weekly or monthly, it enables us to plan and budget accordingly. Each fall these Faith Promises are sent out, or you can click here to submit one.
Regular giving – no pledge
Give regularly to the general fund without pledging. If you’d like envelopes and a statement of your giving, contact Jamie Bisek in the church office at 952-758-3513.
Another way to give is also using the GivePlus App, see below instructions on how to set up your GivePlus App on your phone:
The GivePlus App – to get started, download GivePlus Church for free from the App Store or Google Play. Simply search for “GivePlus Church” to quickly find and download the app today. Then, you can easily make donations directly from your smartphone using your debit/credit card or checking/savings account. You can also choose to donate as a guest or set up an account that allows you to securely and conveniently schedule recurring donations and manage and review your giving history. We hope you enjoy this new way to contribute to our ministry, and thank you for your support.
Memorial or special gifts
Give a special gift in memory or honor of someone at a death, baptism or other life transition.  Please contact Pastor for a listing of special needs or opportunities.
Legacy giving – Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Endowment Fund Give a gift that will last in perpetuity by giving to the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Endowment Fund. The Endowment Fund is an option for those who want their gift left in principal and the interest used for ministries of HTLC that the Endowment Committee chooses each year. Paul writes in II Corinthians 8:7, “Just as you excel in everything else, in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in complete earnestness, see that you also excel in the grace of giving.”

How to Donate to the Endowment Fund

An important question for many is how they can participate in the effort to carry out God’s will. There are many options depending upon the circumstances of the giver. Over the years, the HTLC Endowment Fund has primarily achieved its growth through traditional memorial gifts, bequests and gifts in honor of persons and special occasions. These have been the bedrock upon which the HTLC Endowment Fund has grown, for which we are most thankful. More recently, however, the HTLC Endowment Fund has been the recipient of certain special forms of gifts, such as planned gifts and gifts of appreciated assets, which add another dimension and have the potential to bring the HTLC Endowment Fund to a new level in its ability to help secure the future of HTLC, which we love so dearly. Immediate Gifts Gifts of cash or appreciated assets can be relatively straight forward. Unlike cash, however, appreciated assets, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, life insurance, and real-estate, offer tax advantages to the donor. For income tax purposes, deductions from income are determined by the current value of the asset rather than the original cost. In addition, the capital gains tax on the appreciation does not have to be included as income on your tax return.

Deferred Gifts
Deferred (or planned) gifts come in many forms; the most common of which may be through wills or estates. Other forms of planned gifts include making the HTLC Endowment Fund the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, a retirement plan, or a charitable annuity contract. Creating a charitable trust, providing the HTLC Endowment Fund with a lead gift or remainder after your family needs have been covered, is an attractive option. Many in the HTLC congregation have taken advantage of this special IRS sanctioned option. Are you thinking about your legacy? Give life to your future by considering a charitable unitrust. The charitable unitrust can be a powerful financial and estate planning tool. We call this the win-win planning arrangement. Your family will win because a charitable unitrust: • May increase the family income • Will help you avoid capital gains tax • Will offset taxable income • Will reduce the size of your taxable estate • Will provide for surviving loved ones And most of all, it will give you the enjoyment and satisfaction of providing a meaningful gift to benefit HTLC ministries with your name(s) memorialized for the future. If you wish to learn more about gifting options and what might be best for your needs, Thrivent Choice and the ELCA Foundation will be helpful resources as you consider your estate planning.