NEXT Capital Campaign

Welcome to the NEXT Capital Campaign headquarters! Catch up on the latest facility design, campaign videos, and Q & As. Learn about the groundwork that has been laid, the NEXT Campaign leadership teams, and how to use God’s gifts to reach the goal. Don’t forget to click on the links to read more!
Feel free to chat with the NEXT Campaign leaders before or after worship at the Campaign Corner, located near Door 1 on Sundays and Door 2 on Wednesdays. They can also accept your pledge cards, too!
NEXT Capital Campaign
Take a look at the NEXT Campaign Brochure to read the latest information about Holy Trinity’s future building project!
A Closer Look
Get all of your questions answered by taking a closer look at the NEXT Facility Project.
NEXT Campaign Videos
Catch up on the videos from the NEXT Campaign Huddle, and videos featuring Holy Trinity members and campaign leaders.
The Groundwork
Mid-2019 – September 2020 – The Church Council saw a need to develop a clarified vision and mission statement. Vision 2020 consisted of four phases: Looking Backward, Looking Inward, Looking Outward, and Looking Forward. The end result was Holy Trinity’s new Vision, Mission, and Values upon which every ministry decision would be based. 
August 2021 – Five Strategic Plan 2.0 teams focused on five areas of ministry – Welcome, Worship, Respond, Children, Youth & Family Ministry, and Facilities.  They met regularly to discern how to enact Holy Trinity’s Vision, Mission, and Values.
January – February 2022 – For more engagement with the congregation, a survey was taken by 198 members, followed by ten Listening Sessions to gather information.
April 3, 2022  – The Strategic Plan 2.0 Huddle introduced the 10 Next Steps – Recommendations of the Strategic Plan 2.0.
Read the One Year Later Report to catch up with the Strategic 2.0 teams.
The Goal
November 13, 2022 – With Experts Leading the Charge, Holy Trinity voted to hire Station 19 Architects to draw comprehensive site plans to meet facility needs. Learn more about Station 19 Architects.
April 12, 2023 – Holy Trinity voted to proceed with a capital campaign and hire a general contractor to make the proposed facility project a reality. Read NEXT – For Those Who Aren’t Yet Here to learn how Holy Trinity prepared for ministry beyond 2023. 
Meet the Teams
These volunteers have poured hundreds of hours into the Capital Campaign. Get to know the Campaign Leadership Team, the Lead Gifts Team, and the General Contractor Selection Team.
Using God’s Gifts
Learn how make your best gift to Holy Trinity’s Ministry Offering and the NEXT Campaign pledge. Choose the best tax-wise option for you!
Need more information? Brenda Moore, NEXT Campaign Consultant, is available for a no-cost, no obligation, confidential consultation. Please contact Jamie Bisek or call 952.758.3513 to connect with Brenda.